Father & Daughter Songs

yellow gold diamond wedding bands 克拉重量A wedding has so many touching moments that make you reach for that tissue. You have the moment that the couple says their vows the moment when the maid of honor gives her speech but the moment that I think makes even the manliest man tear up is when the father and daughter have their dance.

Because no matter how old your daughter is, she will always be daddy’s little girl. Before the father and daughter have a dance, usually the bride will spend time choosing the perfect song to sum up the way she feels about her dad. Well we wanted to make the choice a little easier as we picked out a couple of father and daughter songs that we think would be perfect.

1. CINDERELLA by Steven Curtis Chapman

This is a journey song where he takes you through stages of her life from little girl to women. The tone is soft, almost feels like a Waltz. The song has a good tempo where it just makes you feel like your gliding through out the whole thing.

2 MY GIRL by The Temptations

If you have ever seen “My Girl” then you know this song very well. Sang by the amazing Temptations this song just has that suave feel that makes everyone just sway back and fourth.

Written in the 1960’s the song still has a huge impact in today’s society and in 2004 was placed in the 500 greatest songs ever written in the Rolling Stone’s.

3. DANCE WITH MY FATHER by Luther Vandross

This song is filled with so much heart and love and even though this song is about a girl losing her father and asking God to bring him back for her mom’s sake the beginning part talks about the father and daughter relationship. This is a soft ballad song, easy to dance and easy to cry too.

4. I’LL BE THERE by Jackson 5

This is that song that just brings you back to a place of happiness and warmth. Hearing little Michael Jackson sing his heart out with his brothers, so innocent so young they all were. The lyrics are perfect for a father and daughter dance. “I’ll be there to protect you, with an unselfish love I respect you just call my name and I’ll be there.” Exactly what a father would do when it comes time to protect his children.

5 MUSIC OF MY HEART by N’ Sync and Gloria Estefan

The song has one of the most recognized latin signers and the queen of Miami, Gloria Estefan who partnered up with the 90’s pop group N’Sync. The song is a pop ballad, easy dance song and it definitely describes the life lessons that a father might pass down to his daughter or his kids in general.

Obviously the world is filled with music so the choices for choosing a father and daughter song is endless so I suggest you take your time and find a song that you can relate to. This is a special moment that you and your father will share so make it last. Happy wedding!

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