Wedding Concept: Picking the Perfect One

Marriage is all about making decisions that both you and your partner have thoroughly discussed. It may not be apparent at the early stages of your engagement, but once the wedding plans are already under way, you will be prompted to make choices at nearly every turn.

This includes choosing a theme, which is necessary to help you organise your nuptials with a purpose. What is the secret to choosing the right concept?

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Make a list of the hobbies or pursuits that both of you share in common. For example, if the two of you love scuba diving, then you can go for a beach-inspired celebration or an underwater ceremony. The last option may be a little extreme, but very unique.

Significant Places or Events

So you met him in Cyprus. Well, why not consider a Mediterranean or Greek style. You can also opt to have the ceremony held on that particular destination. You can also choose a memorable occurrence in your lives that has brought about love and romance. For example, if you were engaged during a certain festival, then you can use it as a theme.


Instead of choosing a setting based on the concept, why not do it the other way around? For instance, if you choose a garden or park as the location, then you can do a fairy tale wedding. That way, your decorations will easily blend in with the natural backdrop.

Aside from that, you can also refer to event planners for input. With the wealth of experience and knowledge they have gathered over the years, they will be able to offer excellent suggestions that would suit your preference.


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