Art Nouveau Design Styles

antique wedding ringsThe Art Nouveau design model made its appearance over the past ten years of the nineteenth century. On the time Victorian design and decoration was really extreme, and folks were secretly on the lookout for something with perhaps a little less “clutter”.

Art Nouveau design was born out of that need to simplify things.
There was a general movement in the direction of making rooms lighter and altogether much less cluttered. This was mirrored in the newly common, paler paint colors for walls that have been in sturdy distinction to the previously modern, darker shades and have been seen as contemporary and airy by comparison.

To offer interest, a paper or painted frieze may need been added at the ceiling line and borders above the skirting/base board were not unusual. Architectural embellishments were few. Dados diminished in reputation, however a picture rail or plate rack at approximately eye stage might have been featured.

Pilasters and paneling had been additionally sometimes applied, especially if they might be employed to emphasize the vertical. Wallpapers, mostly depicting botanical themes, continued to be favored, significantly now that their price was much lowered on account of machine-manufacture.

Plain window and door glazing now gave technique to more decorative treatments. Stained glass featuring geometric patterns or representations of botanical topics was popular.

The latter a part of the nineteenth century noticed a decline in the fashion for giant space rugs. These had been usually eliminated in favor of wood floors, each board and parquet, which were steadily covered with pale oriental carpets.


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